Management Services



1 – Expert Management, Maintenance and Presence at Property:

  • Bi-annual onsite inspections system ensures property is maintained properly
  • Monthly rent collection and late rent enforcement
  • Detailed monthly management statement and dedicated online Owners Portal
  • Ongoing communications with owners to notify of property conditions, protection recommendations and other local issues
  • Rental renewal notices to tenants
  • Delivery and tracking of Pay or Quit or other correction notices when warranted
  • Manage eviction proceedings if necessary
  • Resident maintenance requests via phone, fax or website
  • Assure rental property compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws
  • Detailed Resident check-out process, where we hold Resident accountable to high standards for maintenance during their stay

2 – Detailed Professional Financial Reports

Yip Premier Real Estate utilizes the industry’s most advanced property management software to ensure that our owners enjoy the most cutting-edge tools and resources for maximizing ROI. Even with that, software alone is not enough. Our staff of experienced property managers and accounting professionals place a careful human eye on every report, mailing and analysis generated by the systems.

Our Leasing service begins with cutting-edge marketing:

  • Detailed accounting for all rents, expenses and security deposits
  • All deposits are maintained in a Trust account as required by state real estate regulations
  • Timely disbursement of funds to owner with detailed monthly statements
  • Concise end-of-year statement provided for tax purposes categorizing all income and expenses, plus a Form 1099
  • Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year, and are available by request

3 – State of the Art Marketing

Yip Premier Real Estate has a wealth of experience in the Columbia area rental property leasing… locating qualified tenants, and placing them quickly into rental properties that match their needs. Not surprisingly, this process takes a tremendous amount of resource and know-how.

Our Leasing service begins with cutting-edge marketing:

  • Property inspection and market analysis to help determine the appropriate lease rate for the property. Yip Premier Real Estate is always on the forefront of rental trends and market conditions in order to ensure maximal rental income.

High-impact, multi-faceted property marketing:

  • Comprehensive web-based marketing, such as,,,, Craigslist, RentalHouses, Yahoo, Oodle + many more websites for rentals
  • Special direct marketing, email campaigns and social media promotions
  • Realtor referral networks
  • Professional metal “For Rent” sign is placed at your property… not a plastic throwaway

4- Detailed Leasing Process to find the BEST tenant for your property

From the Rental Application to the background checks… everything will seem perfect…
until they stop paying rent, seek protection of the courts, and squat in your property for FREE for 6 months.

Our Leasing service then concludes with the industry’ s most comprehensive ‘Lease-up’ process:

  • Personally interview all qualified Applicants
  • Detailed employment, credit, criminal, sex offender and rental background checks
  • Reference checks from previous landlords, employers and possibly county records
  • Prepare and administer lease documents, including all disclosures, lead based paint, mold, house rules, etc.
  • Detailed walk-through of the property prior to Resident occupancy
  • Inspection Report for Residents to sign
  • Collect first month’s rent and place security deposit in FDIC-insured Trust account
  • Discuss late payment penalties and implications of lease violation
  • Notify tenants of rent increases and other assessments
  • Maintain open communication to ensure good will
  • Property Maintenance Service

Property maintenance-part art, part skill! As most of our customers have learned over the years, there is typically one right way – and many wrong ways – to do property repairs and maintenance.

Each of our service vendors are licensed and bonded with the necessary skills and knowledge to address virtually any home maintenance issue.

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