FAQ For Tenants

Yip Premier Real Estate Rentals, LLC Frequently Asked Questions:

Yip Premier Real Estate, LLC is an equal opportunity housing provider.

Q – What do I need to do to move in to a property?

A – You need to submit a rental application (available under the Rentals tab) along with a non-refundable $40 application fee. This fee covers the credit check, background check, and verification of income and employment. Once you are approved, we will send over the lease documents for you to sign and you are ready to move in!

Q – What are your qualifications for rental applicants?

A – In order to qualify, applicants must make at least 3 times the amount of rent per month in their gross income and not have any prior evictions, repossessions, or felonies.

Q – How much of a security deposit do you require?

A – We require a security deposit equal to one-month’s rent. However, if credit is a concern, sometimes we will require a deposit equal to two-month’s rent.

Q – When can I move in?

A – You can move in either on the first of the month or on a day which you choose. We will prorate the rent if you choose to move in before the first of the month.

Q – How are maintenance issues handled?

A – When a tenant has a maintenance issue, the tenant submits a written request and we contact the appropriate repair agency to fix it. However, if the issue is purely user error, the service charge will be charged back to the tenant.

Q – What terms do you offer for lease?

A – Most of our lease agreements are one-year terms. An exception may be made only if the property owner allows.

Q – What is your pet policy?

A – Pets are allowed only at properties whose property owners have agreed to allow pets. A pet deposit is required and varies depending on property and pet.

Please click the link below to view South Carolina’s basic tenant rights:
South Carolina’s Landlord and Tenant Law